"I'd describe Stephanie's writing talent as brilliant. She can take a few pieces of information and bring a story to life so that it's relevant to the intended audience. She is a joy to be around, and has taken the time to get to know my usual writing style so my blog sounds natural. 

Without reservation, I recommend her as a "go to" person who can always be counted on."

Edward Lai


blogging & newsletter

"Stephanie understands the blogging world and how to write articles that attract a wide spectrum of people. She also also understands the needs of her individual clients. She keeps me on time with deadlines, and we work well together on a personal level.

I would not hesitate to recommend Steph's amazing services. Her writing and creativity has no doubt helped me build a larger audience for my business, which continues to grow monthly."

Dr. Marita Schauch, ND


The whole Enchilada

"Steph came on board with Naikoon over a year ago, and we've been consistently impressed with her work since then. She has a great understanding of our unique needs, and, even though her background isn't in construction, she learned quickly and does thorough research to write on-point blog posts and social media updates for us.

Steph also takes the time to understand trends in the building market and the social media world, so that we're getting the exposure we want about the topics that matter to our business. I'm always getting comments from colleagues and clients about what we're sharing online.

She's a reliable partner who really gets our business, and we're excited to continue to grow with her."

Joe Geluch, President

colabora collective


"Steph is my words person. She knows how to bring my jumble of thoughts into a streamlined, flowing piece of art. My sales page on my first site was what brought my business to life, which is why I hired her to assist me with all of my web copy & structuring once the time came to rebrand - and because we work so well together, she is now my copy-collaborator for branding projects. Her magic is hard to explain; I just get so much from her clear, concise and intuitive mind. Not just copy, but stories. Not just handing it over, but collaboration."

Alice Karolina Smith



"I had Stephanie do the copy for two of my coaching programs that I had been struggling with and re-writing for at least a year. In a matter of a week and after a couple of short phone calls with Stephanie, she completely got what I was trying to say and beautifully captured it in writing.

Not only is she an excellent writer, she's an excellent communicator and has an innate ability to seemingly read my mind, understand the goal of what I wanted to say, what my ideal client would resonate with and ensure it was brand aligned.

She's the total package and I would highly recommend her."

Kristin Price


UX Specialist

User Experience website redesign (gov of BC)

"A no-nonsense approach with feeling. Having worked with Stephanie on a few projects, I instantly appreciated her direct, efficient and practical approach to content creation. She attacks outdated and trivial prose with an expert hand – intuitively stripping out anything that gets in the way of a clear message. She’s someone I regularly turn to for assistance on projects because she gets the job done right – the first time. Small confession: I also enjoy nerding out with her about the user experience and clear, effective communication because she gets it!"

Sarah Bolduc, UX Consultant, Content Creator & Strategist