One blog post of up to 600 words, researched, written, revised as required, SEO-filtered, and ready to post when you need it.

$97 per post

You’re under a deadline, up to your eyeballs in other work, or have a topic that’s been on your mind for months. Whatever the reason, you need help writing just one lil’ blog post, and soon.

Much like a journalist, we’ll research your topic and talk to the necessary people to write a comprehensive, well thought-out post. Unlike a journalist, we’ll tailor it to your style and make it read how you want it to read.

We’ll also conduct an SEO scan of the language in the post, so that it draws more traffic to your site.


Weekly blog posts on your site that speaks to your ideal clients and draw search engine attention, shared on three social media channels.


You know blogging is important to draw traffic to your site, build your tribe, and sell your services – but the thought of regularly picking topics and writing posts (that you then share on social media) seems more like a dream than a reality.

This package is for folks who want a ghost writer who isn’t just attracting Google’s attention (although we do that, too) – it’s for solo-preneurs and small companies that want to build community around what they do, but don’t have the time or skills in house to make it happen.


1. At the beginning of every month we co-create an editorial schedule (come up with appropriate topics for weekly blog posts)

2. Our team researches and writes the posts with an eye to search engine optimization (remember that thing about Google?)

3. You review the post

4. The post goes live, after any necessary revisions

5. We share your post on up to 3 social media channels